About Us

The history of our efforts to “Save the Dove Block” can be laid out briefly. In 2015, a small group of Geneva citizens, curious about why one of their city’s most striking pieces of architecture, a building sited on what is arguably the most important commercial corner in the city (the corner of Castle and Exchange Streets), had been standing vacant and deteriorating for over a decade without any attempt to revive it.

That answer (too complex to rehearse here) gained, these same folks decided that they would initiate a non-profit venture determined not only to saving the Dove Block as an architectural gem (it opened in 1878) with enormous economic potential, but reserve a portion of it, in the form of an art gallery, which would honor the vital role played by Geneva native—the internationally applauded twentieth century American artist–Arthur  Dove, in its history.

With these objectives in mind, The Dove Block Restoration Group (DBRG) was formed in 2016. It was supplemented, a year or so later, by The Arthur Dove Tribute Group (ADTG). The DBRG was charged with, first, saving, then reopening the building, while the ADTG would be focused on creating The Dove Gallery, which would simultaneously serve as Geneva’s first community arts center. By early 2019, DBRG had secured sufficient funds to purchase the Dove Block from its owner. Currently, both groups continue in their respective roles to reach their final goals–opening the building and the gallery to the public. To read in more detail about the history of either of our groups, click on these links:

The Dove Block Restoration Group

The Arthur Dove Tribute Group