Dove Block News & Notes

The Dove Block’s construction is mentioned in these articles form the 1870s

Dove’s New Hall

Work is being rapidly pushed along on the interior of the new Dove block, corner Exchange and Castle streets. The Hall, in the third story, will be opened on Thursday evening of this week, with the annual festival and social of St. Peter’s Memorial church Sunday school. It is fifteen feet in height and very nearly the size of Linden Hall. It is handsomely frescoed, neatly finished in butternut. well lighted, provided with a suitable stage and dressing-rooms, and will make a very good hall for festivals, dancing parties, lectures, etc. No doubt it will be in good demand.

Geneva Courier

An Imposing Structure.

The most imposing front in Geneva is the new Dove Block, corner of Exchange and Castle Streets, near the steamboat landing. The block is three stories high, of stained brick, arched windows on all sides, with caps stones over each of a beautiful light gray stone. The internal arrangements will be complete. There will be three capacious stores in the first story, well lighted and convenient. In the second story, there are six suites of rooms, for law offices or other like use, with spacious halls, closets, etc, and in the third story a large hall for public purposes, such as, concerts, balls, festivals, etc. This hall has thirteen windows; the ceiling will be hard-finished, the walls kalsomined. It will be conveniently lighted and thoroughly ventilated, and have White Spring water and hose attached for all uses. There will be two modes of egress, one from each street, so that it can be emptied of a large audience in five minutes. The formal opening of this hall will occur some time in January, on which occasion we shall be able to give a more extended notice of the building and its appointments.

Geneva Gazette

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