The Dove Block Stories

Many Happy Memories from Geneva and the Dove Block By: RUTH VANKOUGHNET

In the articles that I have read about the Dove Block, I have been surprised that Arthur Dove’s brother, Paul, is never mentioned. We were told that it was during the Second World War that Paul Dove had the third floor converted into four apartments. At that time, Sampson Naval Base was at its peak with over 400 buildings including barracks, chapels, a hospital and many other facilities. Housing was at a premium here in Geneva and the surrounding area.

My husband and I moved into the Dove Block in 1960 and stayed there 22 years (Apt. on the third floor, north side).
Visiting with Paul Dove, he told us his late brother was an artist and at one time lived on the third flood. He showed us a booklet with some of his paintings. There was a photo showing a collage of Miss Woolworth that Mr. Dove thought was rather funny. It probably was meant as a subtle dig at the Woolworth stores.

From the third floor of the Dove Block we could see quite a distance — part of the arterial highway, Exchange Street and Castle. We could observe both good and bad things going on. We watched parades from our windows. One time I called the police department late at night when I saw a crime in progress. A man broke the window of Ray’s Bike & Key Shop on Exchange Street, lifted out a bicycle and took off. I stayed on the phone with the police and was able to tell them of the biker’s progress down the arterial. It was exciting.

In 1960 when we moved there, the offices on the second floor were occupied by: Albert Kirby, attorney, with Mary Certo, secretary; Isenhour Sign Works; and Legnini Tailor Shop. Street level: Western Union, Mungo’s Coffee Shop and later B&C Barber Shop (father and son Bill and Carmen DeBacco).

I’m glad something is being done with the Dove Block. We have many happy memories of our time there. I don’t have much information about Arthur Dove. His brother didn’t talk about him much. He passed away years before we moved there, and I’m not sure if the brothers got along well.

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