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    We wanted to keep in touch and let you know we have not been idle while being cautious about the pandemic.

    The first good news is that Corbett Inc. of Philadelphia and the Dove Block Restoration Group have agreed to the sale of one of downtown Geneva’s most historic buildings. The two organizations signed a contract July 2 that will make Corbett, a commercial interiors rep agency, the owner of the Dove Block building at the corner of Exchange and Castle streets.

    Terms of the sale include a lease that will help establish a first-floor museum and community art gallery dedicated in honor of Arthur Dove, a Geneva artist recognized throughout the art world as one of the founders of abstract art in America. Dove painted many of his most famous works at this Geneva location and many of them now reside in America’s leading art museums. See:

    The Arthur Dove Tribute Group has created four subcommittees to work on the creation of The Dove Gallery: Physical Planning, Fundraising, Affiliations, and Programming/Publicity.

    With the assurance of the first floor space to house the Dove Gallery, the Physical Planning Committee has moved forward on creating a vision for the Gallery. We have at this point drawn schematic plans for the use of the space and will soon have some renderings of what that space might look like. See schematic plans below.

    The Fundraising Committee is beginning a major fundraising initiative reaching out to supporters of the arts and Arthur Dove in particular. We hope to have more news soon on this front.

    Looking into the possibility of establishing a “working relationship” between the Dove Gallery and institutions in the wider art world will be the task of the Affiliations Committee. These liaisons might be interested in supporting the Gallery as the we work to enhance that organization’s objectives.

    The Programming/Publicity Committee has numerous projects on which they are working. Hopefully, the pandemic will have abated by the spring and we can reschedule the Annual Arthur Dove Lecture and hold a spectacular grand opening of the gallery. Currently, we are working on a Geneva Pathways marker for Arthur Dove along the lakefront and a sculpture competition to honor Dove in the front of the Dove Block. Many other events are in the future!