The Gallery

Arthur Dove would have loved Geneva to have a visual arts center, one which included not only a space dedicated to his life and art, but a space for contemporary artists, students and teachers to display their work. The non-profit gallery we are creating is intended to serve both these functions as it promotes and demonstrates the importance of art in our lives for residents of the Finger Lakes and its visitors. The Gallery will be located in The Dove Block, the building first opened by Arthur Dove’s father, William Dove in 1878, on the southeast corner of Exchange and Castle Streets, a location described by Geneva’s former City Manager, Matt Horn, as “the corner of Main and Main.”

The goals of the Dove Gallery will be to engage and educate the public about art and provide avenues for displaying art from our community which demonstrates the on-going creative spirit of the Finger Lakes region. It is also intended to generate relationships between artists, architects, and the public, creating, as it does so, new possibilities for collaboration between artists and the community.

The Gallery will also serve as Geneva’s tribute to Arthur Dove, its star artist. Inside, there will be displays and an interactive screen which will tell the story of Dove and his life in Geneva, emphasizing particularly the major art works he created while living in Geneva and the Dove Block during the 1930s. The displays, which will include images of his most celebrated works, will explain how these works, along with those of his close friends, the renowned photographer Alfred Stieglitz, and the internationally famous painter, Georgia O’Keeffe, came to symbolize the advent of modern art in America.

In addition, the Gallery will provide a forum for the arts education outreach needs of the local community. It will be a place which will distribute contact information and maintain online portfolios with information highlighting participating artists. It will also serve as a venue for art exhibitions featuring area students, such as those who attend local schools or organizations such as The Geneva Boys and Girls Club. Finally, it will serve as a space for special programs, talks and receptions, all designed to bring people interested in the arts together with one another and encouraging their connecting with each another.

To generate an architect’s view of  how the Gallery might look when completed, we asked Jess Vaughn, AIA, founder and principal of Urchitecture in New York City, to create concept  perspectives. The exterior view shows a restored historic cast iron and glass storefront that is easily accessible to the street, enlivening the streetscape as it invites passers-by inside. The interior view shows an open, flexible display space which will be used to host a variety of community art shows, artist lectures, and community events. The Arthur Dove Wall will pay enduring tribute to Geneva’s great artist as it encourages visitors to learn both about his works and his deep relationship with Geneva.