The Gallery

Arthur Dove would have loved Geneva to have a visual arts tradition, including a space for contemporary artists, students and teachers to show their artwork. This community gallery will be a fitting tribute to the art and life of Arthur Dove. A community art gallery, The Dove Gallery, in the southern first-floor space of the Dove Block will provide a vibrant art space for local artists, students, residents and visitors as well as a space to commemorate the life and work of Arthur Dove.

The addition of a downtown gallery would engage and educate the public about art, provide avenues for showing art unique to our community, demonstrating the spirit of the community, building relationships between artists, architects and the public, as well as create possibilities for collaboration and exhibition between artists and new audiences. It would also provide a terrific memorial to Arthur Dove.

The gallery would also serve as Geneva’s memorial to Arthur Dove, its star artist. Inside the gallery would be panels depicting Dove, his life, and his work as well as explanatory text and an interactive screens. Information on Arthur Dove’s life and work will be supplemented by information on his associates Georgia O’Keeffe, Alfred Stieglitz and Helen “Reds” Torr.

This not for profit space would provide a forum for the arts education outreach needs of the community. As well as selling work for area artists, we would be distributing contact information for the artists and maintaining an online portfolio with information about participating artists. The gallery would also be a venue for art exhibitions from area students and the Boys’ and Girls’ Club. Programs, talks and receptions will invite people into the gallery and connect them with one another.

We asked Jess Vaughn, AIA, founder and principle of Urchitecture, to create concept perspectives of the Dove Gallery for us. The exterior view shows a restored historic cast iron and glass storefront opening the gallery to pedestrians and enlivening the streetscape while inviting passers-by inside. The interior view is an open flexible gallery space hosting a variety of community art shows, artist lectures and community events. The Arthur Dove Memorial Wall pays tribute to the great artist, while offering an educational opportunity for visitors to learn both about his works and his deep relationship with Geneva.