The Arthur Dove Tribute Group

Members of the Arthur Dove Tribute Group with various community members on the Third Floor (Arthur Dove’s studio space) of The Dove Block, Winter, 2016 (Left to Right: Joanne Goff, Jim Spates, Steve O’Malley, Jeff Hodde, Rachael DeLue, and Charlie Bauder)

For over a decade, the historic Dove Block, located on the most important commercial corner in Geneva, has been vacant. Cities thrive only when their buildings are occupied and busy. In 2015, a small collection of local citizens came together as a non-profit group committed to bringing the Dove Block back to life as an integral element in what is locally called “The Geneva Renaissance.” From the first, a central aspect of the group’s vision was to include space in the revamped building to memorialize the life and work of Arthur Dove, recognized world-wide as one of the founders of American Modernist Art. Later, it was determined this space should be also used to display and encourage the art of the contemporary Finger Lakes. Together, these impulses led to the creation of a group, the Arthur Dove Tribute Group (ADTG), which is dedicated to bringing both the Dove Memorial and Community Arts Center ideas to life.

ADTG’s initial step was to create a Board of Directors comprised of community leaders and important figures from the national art world. Its second step was to choose a space on the first floor of the Dove Block that would become The Dove Gallery.

ADTG’s current and going project is to oversee the creation and execution of a viable plan for both the Gallery and the vital art programs, a plan which, when completed, will be capable of sustaining the Gallery and its programs for decades to come.

With this necessity in mind, we invite you to join us in this effort.

The Arthur Dove Tribute Group: BOARD OF DIRECTORS

  • Jim Spates

    Photo: Neil Sjoblom

    Jim Spates, President

    Professor of Sociology Emeritus
    Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, New York

  • Dave Bunnell

    Photo: Neil Sjoblom

    Dave Bunnell, Vice-President

    Real Estate Developer
    President, Bunnell Associates, Geneva, New York

  • Charlie Bauder Cropped

    Photo: Neil Sjoblom

    Charlie Bauder, Treasurer

    Director Emeritus of The Geneva Historical Society, Geneva, New York

  • Teddy Aikens

    Edward “Teddy” Aiken

    Associate Professor of Museum Studies, Emeritus, and former Director, The Lowe Gallery, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York


  • Rachael DeLue

    Rachael DeLue

    Professor of Art and Archaeology
    Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

  • Joanne Goff

    Joanne Goff

    Local Activist, Geneva, New York

  • Chris Lavin

    Photo: Neil Sjoblom

    Chris Lavin

    Executive Director, The Boys and Girls Club of Geneva

  • John Raimondi

    John Raimondi

    Public Scale Sculptor
    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

  • Steve Sjoblom

    Photo: Neil Sjoblom

    Steve Sjoblom, Archivist

    Neil Sjoblom Photography, Geneva, New York

  • Kathryn Vaughn

    Photo: Neil Sjoblom

    Kathryn Vaughn

    Former Director and Curator, The Davis Gallery
    Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, New York