The Gallery

Reception View

The community art gallery will be dedicated to engaging and educating the public about art, showcasing art unique to our community, and demonstrating the spirit of the local community. The gallery will help build relationships between artists, architects and the public, as well as create possibilities for collaboration and exhibition between artists and new audiences. The center bay of the gallery will provide a history of Arthur Dove to honor his significance as a major American artist, and a contemporary commentary on what is currently being showcased at the gallery. This area will also be home to our reception center where books and other materials can be sought out. The south bay will be the main gallery space, providing insight to the contemporary art and artists currently being displayed, while the north bay will be used as a work space, providing activities and services which will engage the public with the art. All of these areas come together as a dynamic venue that emphasizes the important role public art performs in creating a vibrant civic life.